ChillTek offers and establishes cold storage warehouses and product processing facilities. Its aim is provide food security awareness all over the world. Food security means having, at all times, access to healthy, diversified and affordable food.

Cooling Technologies

Cold storages are the hidden heroes of the food industry. Our aim is provide food security awareness in food industry. The importance of having food security means  that food is available at all times  whilst having access to healthy, diversified and affordable food. We can offer turnkey contract services for cold storage throughout all stages of production, installation and servicing for long-term storage. Our smart cooling systems reduce energy consumption, which is incomparable by any other standard cooling devices, and offer the service of remote monitoring system.

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Turnkey Projects

Storing and processing food products in large logistic centres is the most appropriate and economic step in making use of food products in the most efficient, healthy and profitable way. Our turnkey cold storages provided through contracts including construction works, and food centres offering the services of cooling and processing allow various products to be stored and used in the most modern and economic way. Projects, which provide large enterprises, cooperatives and particularly local authorities with the service of food management and sustainable profitability, play a crucial role in food security. These projects are among the most effective factors in solving food problems of cities and countries.

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Cooling Equipments

A good cooling system can only be possible when it corresponds to user expectations for cold storage equipment, products to be stored and ambient conditions. We offer top quality equipment necessary for cooling systems, such as cooling units, panels, doors, lighting fittings, humidifiers, shelves and control systems within its own facilities, tailored to user expectations through advanced technology.

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Snow Park and Ice Skates

Snow World is a snow themed indoor amusement park, which is cooled with advanced technology cooling systems. It always snows in the park that is covered with natural snow throughout the year, allowing guests to enjoy all joys of winter even in hottest seasons.

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