LED Light Fittings

LED lighting is believed to be the biggest revolution in lighting technology since the invention of lamb by Edison. Typical fluorescent lamps turn inefficient as they lose a lot of their brightness in modern cold storage.
• With a lifespan up to 50,000 hours (220-240 VAC), ten times longer than normal lighting
• Significant energy savings (50% more efficient compared to normal lighting)
• Trouble-free running in dry and wet environments from -40°C to +35°C
• Rapid start and reaching up to 100% brightness instantly
• Safe use for foodstuffs sensitive to light
• Suitability for cold storage as they do not produce heat
• Easy installation and ease of use with no maintenance
• Resistance to shocks and vibrations
• Opportunity to use with high efficiency in areas outside cold storage, such as processing and receiving areas

“Show your cold room plan and we provide you with the most appropriate lighting project free of charge.”