Red Meat Cold Storage Room

It is well known that humans have been hunting animals in order to feed themselves since the early ages. Therefore, meat is one of the earliest nutritional sources for humans.

Meat is easier to store and process compared to poultry and fish, and keeps for longer. However, the carcass is very important for cooling and storing of meat, and in terms of both preventing spoilage and maintaining its freshness for a long time. Weight lost rate of meat after being weighed and during the cooling should be under 2%. On the other hand, dark and bruised meat will reduce its market value. Therefore, it is very important that cooling systems and capacities are designed and built accurately. Another important issue is the duration of storing to maintain the freshness of the meat. After the meat is removed from the carcass and cut into pieces, it can be kept in vacuumed packaging in cold storage without freezing for 60 days maintaining its freshness.